Transposition (2007)

TranspositionThe ambitious debut double album.  A rock opera in three acts, telling the story of Jack Coleman, a troubled young musician who must wrestle with questions of gender identity, ambition, and spirituality on his way to the top.  Standout tracks include "What's This Music For?", "Stand Up", "Vibrations", "We Can Love", "Messenger", and "Turn Away".


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Track Listing
Disc One  
1. Two-Spirit Lyrics
2. The Curse Lyrics
3. Family Values Lyrics
4. Vibrations Lyrics
5. Won't Do It Again Lyrics
6. The Curse (Reprise) Lyrics
7. Cold Sun Lyrics
8. Stranger in a Strange Land Lyrics
9. To the Top Lyrics
10. What Am I? Lyrics
11. Simone Lyrics
12. Getting Ready Lyrics
13. Onstage Lyrics
14. Freak Lyrics
15. We Can Love Lyrics
16. Start Again Lyrics
17. Lipstick Lyrics
Disc Two  
1. Something's Missing Lyrics
2. Two-Spirit Again Lyrics
3. Could Be Me Lyrics
4. She's Changing Lyrics
5. What's This Music For? Lyrics
6. The Break Lyrics
7. Messenger Lyrics
8. Counter-Message Lyrics
9. Choices Lyrics
10. Turn Away Lyrics
11. Stand Up Lyrics