Skeleton Crew (2013)

Skeleton CrewChameleon Red show their versatility on their second album.  Featuring the folk-rocker "Westwood", the energetic and poppy "Impatience", the jazzy and funky "Paragon", and the danceably menacing title track.



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Track Listing
1. The Inner Life Lyrics
2. Westwood Lyrics
3. Paragon Lyrics
4. Impatience Lyrics
5. Clothesline Lyrics
6. Empty Spaces Lyrics
7. Turn It Around Lyrics
8. Ace of Blues Lyrics
9. Revolving Door Lyrics
10. Your Doll Lyrics
11. Burning Down Both Sides Lyrics
12. Moment Lyrics
13. Small Name, Big Ego Lyrics
14. Skeleton Crew Lyrics