Stories Behind the Songs: “Stand Up”

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Transposition’s finale, “Stand Up”, was not the last song written; in fact, it was finished late in November 2005.  It’s a pretty straightforward rock ‘n’ roll song, intended to be inspiring and anthemic.  In the bridge it echoes the “Life isn’t easy” line from “Two-Spirit”, and like that song, it ends with the voices of all four vocalists for a rousing final chorus.  I wanted to close the opera with a positive message, as so many rock operas seem to be total downers.

“Stand Up” was another of the Transposition songs on the set list when put together a short-lived performing version of Chameleon Red in 2008.

This concludes the Stories Behind the Songs series for the Transposition album.  We will resume the series once Skeleton Crew is officially released.

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