Stories Behind the Songs: “Choices” (Part 3 of 3)

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“Rock and Roll Messiah” was completed in mid-January 2006 but actually began life as a separate song fragment called “Cellophane Messiah” in January 2000.  In its original form it was a chorus without a verse, or many words, in fact.

The final piece, “Give It Back”, is a reprise of the verse chords and melody from “Simone”, but this time Jackie is the mentor instead of the protégé.  I kind of conceived of this as a Byrds-like arrangement of “Simone”, so when I recorded the demo I affected an imitation Roger McGuinn voice.  I debated on whether to replicate this on the final recording, but ultimately decided that a more feminine vocal was called for.

The writing of “Choices” was finished on January 20, 2006, but as might be expected, it took longer to record than it did to write.  In fact, we were still recording additions to it right up until the last recording date.

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