Posted by  Grand Poobah  July 5, 2013  •  No Comments  • 

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I love mondegreens (misheard lyrics).  Here are a few from people I know personally, including me.  No names have been used, to protect the guilty.

George Thorogood: “Bad to the Bone”Real lyrics: “Bad to the bone”
Misheard lyrics: “Bare to the bone”

The Steve Miller Band: “Jet Airliner”Real lyrics: “Big ol’ jet airliner”
Misheard lyrics: “Bingo Jed and Lionel”

David Bowie: “John, I’m Only Dancing”
Real lyrics: “John, I’m only dancing”
Misheard lyrics: “John, I’m old and rancid”

The Doors: “Roadhouse Blues”
Real lyrics: “Down at the roadhouse, they got some bungalows”
Misheard lyrics: “Down at the roadhouse, they got some bumpy lows”

The Presidents of the United States of America: “Cleveland Rocks”
Real lyrics: “Cleveland rocks”
Misheard lyrics: “Clean red rocks”

Def Leppard: “Pour Some Sugar On Me”
Real lyrics: “Pour some sugar on me”
Mishead lyrics: “Awesome Zudokhan love”

Three Dog Night: “Mama Told Me Not to Come”
Real lyrics: “Mama told me not to come”
Misheard lyrics: “I’m a toad in a jug”

Got any mondegreens you’d like to share?  Promise we won’t laugh…hard.

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