Stories Behind the Songs: “Messenger”

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Sun of LoveThe main riff of “Messenger” began life as “Funkify” in December 2001.  In a journal entry dated  November 25, 2005 I wrote: “Finished (or pretty close) another opera song yesterday morning, at work.  Called “Messenger”, it is the big concert song before the act of violence that threatens X’s life.  I can feel the end drawing closer…”.  At some point I decided to add a counter-melody recalling the one in Lipstick, “Secret sisters come and play, others like you feel this way”.  In effect the two songs are parallels; each represent live performances where Jackie “preaches” social change to the audience, but the messages in the two songs are quite different.  In “Lipstick” the message is rebellion and deliberate flouting of cultural mores; in “Messenger” she is…well, a messenger of love–building bridges, as it were, instead of destroying them.

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