Stories Behind the Songs: “She’s Changing”

Posted by  Grand Poobah  May 20, 2013  •  No Comments  • 

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Electric Sitar“She’s Changing” was actually called “He’s Changing” until just before the vocals were recorded.  I had a very long and agonized debate with myself on whether or not to use male pronouns when referring to Jack/Jackie.  I knew it was more correct to use feminine pronouns when referring to Jackie, but I thought it would be too confusing to the listener to switch genders back and forth.  But ultimately, that’s what the character does, so I finally decided to flip the pronouns.

I wrote it in November 2005; the working title was “Moonie”, for whatever reason.  I specifically wanted a song sung by the character Lucy.  As such, it’s the only song on the album where my voice doesn’t appear.  Originally, the song was in the key of D, but I changed it to E to accommodate Katie’s vocal range.

I play an electric sitar on this song, which is basically just an electric guitar with a special bridge to make it sound like a sitar.  I actually used this song as an excuse to buy one; I knew I wanted a sitar sound, so when I saw the electric sitar on sale in a catalog, I of course had to get it.


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