Review: My Heart’s in New Orleans

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Vicki D'Salle - My Heart's in New Orleans“Let the good times roll!” sings Vicki D’Salle in the tune of the same name.  I would suggest putting on her CD, My Heart’s in New Orleans, to get the good times rolling.  Ms. D’Salle lays down the boogie-woogie with nimble fingers and a dark-brown voice that effortlessly evokes the Big Easy even for those (like me) who’ve never been there.  The CD is about evenly split between instrumental and vocal music; the instrumentation is sparse, with only piano, bass and drums on most tunes.  But the piano makes a big sound; Vicki’s one of those players who make virtuosity sound effortless.  When she takes the mike, her sultry delivery makes it clear that even if her man did her wrong, she got the last laugh.  My Heart’s in New Orleans is a rollicking, jazzy, bluesy, often bawdy, set that will set you movin’ and groovin’.  Standout tunes: “Stormy Weather” and “Let the Good Times Roll”.

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