Stories Behind the Songs: “Cold Sun”

Posted by  Grand Poobah  February 4, 2013  •  No Comments  • 

The original version of “Cold Sun”, dating from April 2002, was called “Misanthrope”; at that point the song lacked a bridge.  I could never quite get the lyrics to gel.  So when I needed a song for the opera with a kind of controlled anger, I dusted this one off and rechristened it “Cold Sun”.  The bridge was added at the same time.

Whenever vocals for Mr. and Mrs. Coleman and Rev. Fleming were recorded, as in this song and the earlier “Family Values” and “Won’t Do It Again”, I recorded them with the music sped up.  Then I slowed the vocals down so that they would match the tempo and pitch of the musical backing at normal speed.  This was done in an attempt to make them sound a little older and slower, with a slightly darker timbre.  I think it also helps to differentiate between the voices of Jack and Mr. Coleman, both of whom were portrayed by me in this song and “Won’t Do It Again”.

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